2015 – July – 80’s Heroes, 928 meets M5

80's Heroes - Porsche 928 S2 meets BMW E28 M5, July 2015

A non-petrolhead friend (I have a few!) bought a 928 S2 recently and is now slowly becoming a petrolhead. It was a nice evening so we thought we'd take our two red 1980's icons out for a little blast.
The M5 was great for a while (I made a video - see link below) around the country lanes around Cooling Castle but then I had an issue with the brakes sticking on. Having parked up for a while, we were good to go again but the problem re-occurred later. It turned out to be the brake master cylinder so this has now been replaced. Have a listen to that M88/3 engine here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vp1Z9-XEzI
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