2015 – August – Bedford Autodrome Track Evening

Bedford Autodrome, Evo Track Evening, August 2015

Having been black flagged whilst in the Porsche at the last Evo Track Day for tripping the noise meter whilst passing Evo's 991 GT3, Nick Trott, editor of Evo magazine reviewed onboard footage from the GT3 and concluded that it was actually the GT3 that was louder. So he contacted me and gave me another free track day. Thanks Nick!
Having been very close to the noise limits in the Porsche anyway, we decided to take Bobby's M5 for this one. Bobby and I both drove the M5, thanks Bobby, and for such a big, heavy car, the E39 is fantastic. The handling is really good, its quick and the balance is fantastic, letting you easily hold slides at high speed in third gear (fair play to Bobby for letting me drive his every day car in this manner!), the only thing that let it down was its brakes which had to be cooled down every couple of laps. Still, another great evening with lots of nice cars and like minded people around.