2015 – March – Fast Car Show at Santa Pod Raceway

Fast Car Show, Santa Pod, March 2015

A few of us traveled up to Santa Pod for the Fast Car show, stayed in tents for the first time in ages and it was bloody freezing!! Done a few runs in the 997 Turbo (530bhp) against Bobby in his 595bhp R32 GTR and won 2-1. Managed my fastest ever time at Santa Pod, even beating the R35 GTR time from a few years back with a time of 11.7 seconds at 123mph - with a slipping clutch so not able to give it a hardcore launch.

Overall, the show didn't seem as good as shows in the past, maybe I'm getting old or maybe the scene is just going downhill since the glory days (the Max Power era) of the 90's and 00's?