2015 – May – Evo Magazine / Sky Insurance Track Day in Porsche 997 Turbo

Evo Track Day, 997 Turbo, May 2015

Back to the Bedford Autodrome for the second time in a few weeks, this time for an Evo Magazine track evening that I won through Sky Insurance. So I left work and jumped in the 997 Turbo about 3pm and headed up to Bedford. Had a few sessions out and the Porsche was fantastic, super fast down the straights, cornering hard and flat, PCCB brakes working perfectly with great feel and tireless stopping power, lovely gear change and great steering feel. I could see why the 911 has such a great reputation. You can see the videos on the videos page.

Unfortunately, my Cargraphic modifications, which sound like like the induction is trying to devour the entire world when on full throttle, meant that I ended up being black flagged for triggering the noise meters and my day was over, save for a few laps out in a 991 GT3 with Evo Editor, Nick Trott.

But that wasn't it! It later transpired that the noise meter had been triggered while I was overtaking the aforementioned GT3 with us both on full throttle so fair play to Nick and the Evo crew, they said I could have another track evening on them later in the summer which I did in August (see the page later on) with Bobby in his E39 M5. So all in all, another great trip. Bungle