2015 – May – ///MPower!! M3, M4 & M5 meet

///MPower!! May 2015

So I've been interested in buying a new M3 / M4 to replace the Porsche and have test driven a couple but its hard to fully appreciate a car on a 20 minute drive with a salesman plus, every car I'd seen in any dealer anywhere was DCT double-clutch automatic and I thought it was not well matched to the lively rear end with really quick changes that dump a load of torque onto the rear axle mid-bend. Besides, I'd never buy auto over manual if there was an option anyway!
So I asked my local dealer if they could get hold of a manual car for me to try. The sales guys said they'd never even seen one but I spoke to the corporate guys and they managed to track one down and let me borrow it for a week. They dropped it off and said to me to drive it as if it were my own......... :-)
Well I did exactly that, I used it every day, I went out on a day trip with the kids and I took the traction control off every time I got in it. It really is a fantastic car to go sideways in. Loads of torque low down to break traction then plenty of revs available to keep those tyres spinning, proper hooligans car!
I can see why the press are saying its too much of a handful but for me, its ideal, practical, fast, comfortable, great looking (to my eyes at least) and able to turn tyres into smoke at will. I think a purchase could be made, Yas Marina Blue, Silverstone leather, Carbon Ceramic brakes and a manual 'box, please!
Anyway, here are some pics we took when I met up with Bobby in his M5 and Big Gazza in his M3 - can't show the videos, I did post them but someone from M3Cutters threatened to call the police!!
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