2015 – October – Nurburgring Trip

Nurburgring Trip, October 2015

With the M3 not ready after having been crashed at the 'Ring last year, I decided to take the Caterham Academy car for this trip, but rather than drive it all the way like Snidey and Reggie did last year, I decided to trailer it there this time. Its not the most comfortable of cars for a long trip, mainly on motorways, with it's plastic seats, no heater, no roof etc!
So myself and Bobby headed to Snidey's field to reclaim his trailer from the Trifids one night the week before we left, only to find flat tyres and blown bulbs etc. So a quick service and new tyres over the next couple of days and we were ready.
We hooked the Caterham up to the Range Rover Sport and left early Friday morning. The Range Rover is probably the best tow vehicle I've ever used, heavy and stable and the it hardly notices the trailer on the back and with the V8 diesel, it has the power to travel at a decent pace, too. Its also very comfortable and Bobby loved the fact that it has a fridge to keep his beers cold!
Having arrived at our usual hotel, the Gasthaus Weber, we started on the beers, obviously, and waited for the others to arrive who had all had to wait to leave until after work. Snidey drove down in Bobby's E39 M5, Twarnberry in his E92 335i and Gazza in his E36 M3 Evo.
Another great weekend was had with all the usual things checked off the to-do list, take the piss out of each other, check, drink lots of Bitburger, check, eat nothing but steak and chips (plus onion soup at the Pistenklause to start), check and the Caterham, although slow with just 120bhp, proved to be great fun and totally reliable as it pounded round the 'Ring all weekend with everyone having a go in it.
Best moment, was a lap where I went out in the Caterham at the same time as Gazza went out in the M3 and we had a great little battle swapping the lead a few times (not racing, obviously!) which can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CX0FRSpXfo
Special mention goes to the E39 M5 which didn't get much time on track due to brake/wheel wobble issues but was great at hauling us all around in the eveings!