2015 – June – Old M5’s

Old M5's, June 2015

OK, so I took a chance and bid at an auction, well not at the auction but over the phone with the Everyman Classics CCA auction house, on a car I hadn't seen, and won it. That afternoon, I had to transfer a shed load of cash for a near 30 year old, 174,000 mile 5-series knowing that I could not pick the car up for another week and that, even if it was a lemon when I got there, it would still be mine anyway and they'd be no refund.
It was a long week!
Anyway, one rainy evening the following week, myself and Big Gazza went up to Northampton in the 997 Turbo to collect the car and I was nervous the whole way. We arrived at the transport warehouse and my car was sat outside in the rain but looking spectacular, I collected the keys and all the paperwork (a lot of paperwork!) from the security guard and set about looking around the car, checking oil, brakes, tyres (all brand new), lights etc.
I couldn't believe this car had done 174,000 miles, it really is so good, inside and out. We started it up (first time) and let it warm through before setting off back down to Kent. It drives as good as it looks, so the rest of the night I was like a kid in a candy shop and spent the night collecting various friends and just driving the M5 for the sake of it, just like the old days!!
Over the next few days, it went all over the place, having lots of pictures taken, including some with Bobby's E39 M5 as seen here.
As you may be able to tell, I really love this car!