2016 – March – Goodwood 74th Members Meeting

Goodwood 74MM, March 2016

My Dad and I had a lovely drive down across the south downs to Goodwood in my E28 M5 early on the Saturday morning, had a great day looking at the fantastic array of cars, watching them slide around the track in door to door racing and listening to the sounds of 'proper' engines.
In the evening, we drove back to the hotel, got changed and headed out to find a restaurant with one criteria, we could could served and out in time for kick-off!! Indian food consumed, we headed for a local pub just in in time to see England v France in the final game of the Six Nations.
Several beers later and with England having kicked the French teams arses, we celebrated a Six Nations victory and a Grand Slam! Fantatstic!
Up early for breakfast on Sunday and back to Goodwood for another fantastic day of much the same as the Saturday!
Really pleased with some of the action shots I managed to get, especially as I did not have press pass access to decent positions to take pictures from.