2017 – March – Goodwood 75th Members Meeting

Goodwood 75th Members Meeting, March 2017

I wanted to take the E28 M5 to the 75th Members Meeting as I had done the previous year for the 74MM, unfortunately there was an issue with the brake master cylinder so my dad and I jumped into the M4 instead. Not quite fitting for the Members Meeting but never mind.
The Members Meeting itself was great as per previous years, with fantastic cars, fantastic racing, the best noises and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The Saturday was also the final day of the Six Nations Rugby so we managed to watch the final game of England v Ireland in one of the beer tents at Goodwood along with, what seemed like, half of the 75MM visitors! Unfortunately, Ireland won, stopping us getting the Grand Slam, but we still won the Six Nations for the second year in a row!