2018 – February – London Classic Car Show at ExCel

London Classic Car Show at ExCel, February 2018

So my son and I, and my brother-in-law and nephew, decided to head out to the London Classic Car Show today, as it was a classic car show and the sun was shining. we went swapped the M4 for the 1987 E28 M5 for its first outing of 2018
Having uncovered the M5 and warmed her up, we set off for London's ExCel centre.
The show itself was great, lots of really nice classics - 'proper' classics and modern classics, too - with the added bonus of an auction to get tempted at and the 'love arena where they had various selections of cars driving through the show arena so you can see them on the move and, more importantly for me, hear them too!
A great day out!