2019 – August – Radwood Show at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit

Radwood @ Goodwood, August 2019

New show that's been around a few years in the States but made its first visit to the UK at Goodwood this summer.

It was quite small and held over just one day, but the retro 80's/90's theme was fantastic, perfect for me at least, and people were encouraged to dress up in theme too, which was very 'Revival'. Not everyone took this on board, but a few put in the effort like the Don Johnson/Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice look-a-like, the bright-coloured-spandex wearing woman looking like a morning TV exercise guru and this year's winner, the braces-wearing Wall Street banker and his BMW 840ci.

There were some lovely cars on show, among my favourites were a Lotus Carlton, an Alfa Romeo RZ and a Ferrari Testarossa Spyder 'project' which took me right back to Sega Out Run!

It was a good first effort by the Radwood guys, I hope this can be the start of a success story and they come back bigger and better next year. I'd like to see it held over an entire weekend, possibly with some track action thrown in, either by way of some track time available for visitors in their own modern classics or possibly in the form of some modern-classic racing, some RS500 Cosworth/E30 M3 Touring cars would be nice!!