2007 – March – Evo Track Day, Brands Hatch

Evo Track Day, Brands Hatch, March 2007

Finally finished building the Caterham during evenings and weekends over the last 5 weeks or so with a lot of help form friends and family.
First race/sprint in a couple of weeks so booked in a track day so I could run the car in and get a feel for it, the car was booked in at Caterham Dartford for a check over to make sure I'd built it right and was supposed to be back to me the night before the track day, unfortunately it wasn't ready to collect. Now promised for a lunchtime collection on the day of the track day

So off I went to the track in my new Range Rover Sport TDV8 with an empty trailer and Bobby in his MR2. The staff at Brands were great and let me use the Range Rover for the morning, which was interesting ( see video at Videos here: https://youtu.be/emYFasweG8s, Here: https://turbobungle.com/home/videos/ Or Here: https://www.youtube.com/user/turbobungle/videos ) before hooking the trailer back up and heading off to collect the Caterham from Dartford ready for the afternoon session.

Really enjoyed getting to grips with the Caterham and luckily, nothing broke or fell off. The super-hard wearing van tyres (designed to last the whole season, and I suspect for the life of the car!) are comical in their lack of grip though!!

All in all a great day, can't wait to get racing now!!