Bungle’s 1987 BMW E28 M5

1987 BMW E28 M5

When this came up at auction, one of just 187 right hand drive BMW M5's made I was so excited, and had to bid, especially as it was without the less desirable M535i bodykit, was in '80's wideboy red' and looked immaculate despite its 173,000 miles. And added bonus was that it was the actual car featured in Evo magazine (my bible) last year
Unfortunately I had to go on the description of the auction house (CCA) and pictures as I was unable to attend the auction in person. So I spoke to the auctioneers and went for it over the phone, I had set myself a limit on the price and luckily, possibly due to it being late on in the auction, I managed to win the M5. I then had to transfer a large amount of money for a car I'd never seen and was stuck with no matter what!!
I spent the next week panicking in case I'd bought a lemon. Late the following week, myself and Big Gazza jumped in the Porsche and headed up to Northampton to collect the car. When we arrived at the storage depot, the M5 was parked outside in the rain, it looked fantastic. We found the security guard who handed me the keys and a carrier bag full of history for the car.
We had a good look around the car and thought we'd check the oil before starting her up, the oil was brand new. She started first time and whilst that glorious straight-six purred away warming the oil, we checked over the rest of the car, tyres? Brand new Goodyears. Brakes? New. Paintwork? Not a mark. Interior? More like 20,000 miles old, I was over the moon!! CCA had described the car perfectly.
I will follow up with more info on the drive home and beyond soon......